SanMar Building Services provides expert NYC commercial cleaning services for child daycare centers and preschools in New York City. Among preschool cleaning contractors the quality of janitorial services is unmatched. The team of preschool and daycare cleaners at SanMar is trained on how to disinfect and sanitize these young children-centered facilities. Our expert cleaners are equipped with modern tools and effective, eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce and erase germs and lunchtime/snack remnants from chairs, tables, counters, toy racks, and bookshelves on a daily basis at NYC child daycare centers. We employ specialized techniques to disinfect the area thoroughly and safely.

If you are the director of a child daycare center or preschool, cleaning is an essential consideration for the health and safety of students and staff. Few other facilities need daily expert janitorial service in quite the same way. Your premises need to be clean and safe as children enter the door each morning, and they need to smell clean as well. Parents and social services agencies have high standards and expectations for the cleanliness you must maintain. When you’re entrusted with the daily care of young children, there is a higher level of accountability, and providing safe and clean surroundings is an absolute requirement.