Cleaning Service for Cafes, Coffeehouses, and Bistros

In response to client requests, SanMar now offers specialized cleaning for cafes, coffeehouses, and bistros as an addition to our NYC restaurant cleaning service. The trend is toward smaller and more unique food service establishments; we’re well-equipped to clean them all.

Customers of smaller boutique establishments tend to have closer relationships with them and higher expectations. Keeping your shop spotless is one of the key drivers of building a repeat clientele.

Busy smaller spaces require daily care to remain sanitary, presentable, and pleasant.

  • Counter service cleaning
  • Front-of-house maintenance
  • Food-prep area and kitchen cleaning

Our restaurant cleaning technicians’ experience includes cafes and coffeehouses of many types, from sleek and modern to rustic or traditional. Each one creates unique needs, and we respond with the right services.