We Clean Office Buildings in New York City

Do you own or manage an office building that needs to be cleaned? At SanMar Building Services, we work hard to provide the best office building cleaning in New York City.

We can handle offices of any size and are well known for cleaning small and medium-sized office buildings in Midtown Manhattan and the Financial District.

Every building has unique needs and needs to be cleaned accordingly.

Our trained crews are experienced in cleaning every type of office building: corporate, financial, legal, tech, accounting, consulting, fashion, and many others. Sleek and modern interiors need specific care, as do historical and traditional ones.

We clean following a custom checklist created specifically for your building.

For example, if your building has high-traffic areas in specific offices that need daily cleaning with added disinfecting and sanitizing, we’re ready to help. We’ll come equipped with the right products and equipment to do the job right.

Owners and managers appreciate our thorough cleaning of office buildings because it helps attract and retain good tenants. Clean interiors have always made a better impression, but people have paid even more attention since the coronavirus pandemic.

You’ll appreciate the higher standards of cleanliness when you work with SanMar because we take a floor-to-ceiling approach, with your complete satisfaction our number one goal.

 Golden Five star rating.

cleaning contractor for whole buildings in Manhattan.