NYC doctor office cleaning services in NYC by SanMar building services LLC

We Clean Doctor’s Offices in NYC
with a Thorough Aseptic Method

NYC doctor's offices cleaning is under way by SanMar professionals.SanMar is known for its outstanding doctor’s office cleaning in New York City and provides a level of service that is above others. Our dedicated team will professionally handle your physician’s office cleaning needs, from examining rooms and outpatient surgery suites to clinics and reception areas. At SanMar, we work hard to provide the best medical office cleaning NYC has available. Our team of office cleaners will improve your facility’s standards of sanitation and upgrade daily results.

Our growing list of loyal clients praise our service and often are satisfied enough to suggest us to others. If you’ve been searching for cleaning contractors for doctor’s offices, we’re ready to help you see for yourself how SanMar’s commercial cleaners have the most thorough standards in the industry. We provide exceptional daily service to the medical facilities we clean. Our pricing is respectful of your budget, we are accommodating with cleaning hours, and our managers are ready to answer your questions and requests at any time.

Our contracts with medical professionals allow our janitorial team to clean doctor’s offices to help prevent the transmission of HAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections). We strive to be leaders in aseptic cleaning techniques for medical facility cleaning. Our cleaning services are designed to uphold the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and professional associations of physicians.

Medical Facility Cleaning
By Trained and Skilled Professionals

Best NYC commercial cleaning contractors and its workers.Our professional cleaning services for doctor’s offices are delivered by skilled experts who understand physician’s offices, medical clinics, and outpatient surgery centers. We work with New York City regulations to clean medical facilities, and SanMar’s team has a rudimentary knowledge of cleaning product chemistry and microbiology. Our SanMar professionals have the required knowledge to clean physician’s offices in NYC. We will adhere to aseptic cleaning methods to cut down on risks for HAIs.  We train our team to identify critical control points and clean areas where HAIs could be transmitted.

Our professional janitors have undergone study and hands-on training to gain knowledge about how to operate in a medical environment. The skills they have learned prepare them well to be environmental service personnel. Our people grasp how important aseptic cleaning methods are to help prevent HAI transmission risks.

  • Pathogens in the air — surface cleaning and air disinfecting
  • Pathogens from blood and tissue — equipment and surface cleaning
  • Correct use of disinfecting products
  • Effective procedures for aseptic cleaning
  • Methods for microbiological disinfecting
  • Universal precautions with sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Protective equipment for each crew member

Our Aseptic Doctor’s Examination Room Cleaning is Effective

Floors of doctor's office being cleaned in NYC by SanMar building services LLCOur SanMar medical cleaning protocol is about maintaining a sanitary physician’s office environment for visitors, patients, and the medical staff while working to protect against Healthcare Acquired Infections with proper surface care. We place a similar emphasis on floors and surfaces with careful methods and a focus on details. Professional cleaning can contribute to reducing HAIs, which impact 2 million people each year.

Our trained janitors remove biological contaminants found in medical facilities and on equipment to prevent and reduce germs and bacteria transmission among visitors, healthcare staff, and patients. We are proud of our work and have an authentic concern for our clients, their patients, and visitors.

At SanMar, we are serious about our aseptic cleaning methods. They are the cornerstone of our process to guarantee the best medical office cleaning. Our janitors work exclusively with safe and effective disinfecting eco-friendly cleaning products and use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Our best practices include:

  • Cleaning implements with color-coding to stop cross-contamination
  • Newer microfiber mop heads and cloths for more thorough soil removal
  • Flat-mopping for increased matter removal and optimal surface contact
  • Hospital-grade sanitizing solutions for the most potent efficacy
  • HEPA-level equipment for high-filtration air cleaning

You’ll Have Cleaner Facilities with Expert Cleaning Contractors

We clean dentist's offices all around the city.Our thoroughly-trained cleaning team handles medical cleaning with disinfecting methods that go above and beyond what is needed in a regular work environment. We have Environmental Services (ES) cleaners with education and training to understand non-critical vs. critical sanitizing and cleaning protocols. When necessary, our people are outfitted with personal protective equipment (gowns, gloves, and masks). It equips them to handle surfaces contaminated with infectious bacteria and germs. Also, our medical cleaning methods can include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved, hospital-grade sanitizing, and disinfecting techniques. They are used on any surface that may be contaminated.

Aseptic physician’s office and medical clinic cleaning immediately reduces germs and bacteria on tables, computer keyboards, equipment, telephone handsets, door pulls, and device controls. In exam and treatment rooms for patients, we clean tables, instrument trays, diagnostic machines, and countertops, in addition to walls, cabinets, and doors. Disinfecting cleaning begins at the uppermost point and continues downward to every surface that needs to be sanitized. When a doctor’s office is expertly cleaned, not only will it be sanitary, but also it will smell and feel fresher.

Medical Cleaning Assures the Safety of Visitors, Patients, & Staff

We realize your beginning consideration of a cleaning contractor will focus on vital areas. They include the use of trained professional staff, advanced methods, and the most effective cleaning products. But also there is an added part of SanMar’s service that is crucial to mention. Our staff cares sincerely for the people who visit and work in the medical facilities our team cleans. We make it a point to work with the same level of care we would provide if our friends and families counted on clean, sanitary clinics and facilities.

We work hard to provide unique medical janitorial service with a type of commitment that makes SanMar one of the most effective NYC commercial cleaning companies. We have client relationships that are loyal and long-term. When people talk to us and learn more about how committed we are to outstanding work, they quickly develop a feeling of peace that comes from working with one of the top physician’s office cleaners NYC has to offer.  Want to know more about doctor’s office cleaning services? Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate or proposal, or call (917)-924-5590 today.


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